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October 17, 2020
Matthias ROLLAND
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Who should decorate your wedding?

Are you thinking of decorating your wedding reception venue yourself? If you're creative and have a lot of time on your hands, why not! But the best solution for achieving the most beautiful decor, in keeping with your theme and chosen venue, is still to put your trust in a professional who specializes in these festive events.

An agency experienced in organizing weddings will be able to advise you and suggest original, perfectly coordinated decorations, to immerse all guests in a special universe. All the more reason to keep wonderful memories and take beautiful photos!

Teepee Sauvage

Decorating isn't your forte: entrust it to a creative, experienced agency

It's not always easy to imagine how to design a space to create the atmosphere you're dreaming of: what kind of lighting? What style of furniture? What colors to choose? Which floral arrangements to choose? Which decorative elements should be placed on tables, walls, ceilings or floors? These are just some of the many questions you may not have the answers to.
In this case, make sure you choose a service provider who will listen carefully and understand your wishes. Tell him about your wedding theme, if you have one, and list the decorating styles you'd like to exclude. As the discussion progresses, certain trends will emerge, and the service provider will be able to make several suggestions, for example by showing you some of his creations.

"Don't hesitate to use colorful dishes.

You know what you want: choose a professional according to his or her preferred style

As in many other trades, decorating agencies are sometimes specialized and follow fashions. The current trend is towards country, Victorian, retro or resolutely modern decor. Take the time to consult the portfolios of local service providers to determine the style of decor they are accustomed to working with.
In Provence, for example, Artis Evenement has designed several weddings with bohemian, authentic, folk or vintage themes. Big Day Design, on the other hand, focuses on romantic and plant/floral themes.

Minimalist or full service: find the agency that offers everything you need

A wedding planner or professional decorator can offer you a wide range of services, from "simple" decoration of the reception hall to a complete layout. Think about it if you want to install outdoor tents, set up a stage, create a cozy outdoor space, etc. The Be Lounge agency, for example, offers a service of this type, where you can hire furniture, tents, long garlands, a dance floor, and so on. All you have to do is enjoy a harmonious installation, without having to worry about calling in several different service providers.

But of course, this will have an impact on your budget: it's up to you to make the right compromise to obtain the decoration of your dreams, while taking cost into account. That's why it's essential to ask for several quotes, even from the same agency but with different layouts and services, even if you have to make trade-offs afterwards.


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